Henderson writes the history with Liverpool after winning the Carabao Cup

 Jordan Henderson, captain of the Liverpool team, set a record after winning the Carabao Cup this season, 2021-2022. Liverpool defeated Chelsea on penalties 11-10 in the Carabao final, after the end of the original and extra time between them in a goalless draw at Wembley Stadium, to crown the Reds with the title for the[…]

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Henderson: We seek to win an early title against Chelsea… Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is frightening and terrifying

Jordan Henderson, a Liverpool player, confirmed that everyone in the Reds will do everything in their power to win the English League Cup, before facing Chelsea, scheduled for next Sunday, at Wembley Stadium in the English capital, London. Henderson said in the match press conference, “We will do our best to win the Carabao Cup.[…]

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