Liga MX: Chivas and America call for peace for the National Classic

 Players from Chivas and América gave a joint conference to ask for a stop to the violence Chivas and America ask that the Classic rivalry stay on the pitch Prior to the National Classic this Saturday at the Akron Stadium, Chivas and América gave a joint press conference, where they called for peace in this[…]

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Latest news: Querétaro owners banned from Liga MX football for 5 years and Liga MX season resumed

 The owners of a club in the central Mexican state of Queretaro have been banned from playing Mexican football for five years following deadly riots that left more than two dozen people in hospital. Mexico’s Liga MX president Mikel Areola announced the ban at a press conference following an extraordinary meeting of the league’s owners[…]

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Hooligan fans banned, 10 arrested in Mexico soccer match brawl

 Mexico’s soccer federation has banned clubs of rowdy fans known as “Paras” from attending matches outside their home grounds after a massive brawl at the weekend between soccer fans left more than two dozen people injured, three of them in critical condition. The owners of the Federation and the First Division announced that the Queretaro[…]

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The injuries of the bloody fight in the Liga MX rose to 26 people.. Video

 Violence erupted during the ninth day of Liga MX during the Queretaro and Atlas Guadalajara match, which resulted in the injury of 26 people, including 9 in serious condition, and two of them in critical condition, according to the Argentine newspaper “Infobay”. The governor of the Mexican state of Queretaro, Mauricio Corre, of the Mexican[…]

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The first comment from FIFA on the tragic Mexican League accident “Liga MX”

 The International Football Association “FIFA” issued an official statement on Sunday evening, commenting on the tragic incident that took place in the Mexican League “Liga MX”, during the confrontation of the Queretaro and Atlas teams. “We are shocked by the tragic incident that occurred during the match between Queretaro and Atlas, the violence was unacceptable[…]

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New details: A tragedy in Mexico due to a brutal fight between fans

 At least 22 people were injured – some very seriously – on Saturday in a fight between fans of Querétaro and Atlas de Guadalajara
Some sources say that there were even several deaths
The Mexican Football League has announced the suspension of all matches scheduled for this Sunday

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Postponement of Liga MX after the events of Queretaro and Atlas .. Video

 Mikel Andoni Areola, president of the Mexican Super League, announced the postponement of the remaining matches of the ninth round of the second leg of the League (Clausura 2022), in solidarity with the victims of the violence that occurred in the Queretaro match against Atlas at dawn today, Sunday. Violent clashes took place at dawn[…]

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Reports of casualties after Queretaro and Atlas clashes in Liga MX.. Video

Mexican reports revealed deaths as a result of violent clashes between the fans of the Queretaro and Atlas teams, during the match that brought them together at dawn today, Sunday, in the ninth round of Liga MX. Violent clashes erupted in the stands of the Corregidora stadium between the fans of the Queretaro and Atlas[…]

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Violent clashes between Queretaro and Atlas fans in Liga MX.. Photos

The Mexican match of Queretaro and its counterpart Atlas witnessed major violence, in the match that brought them together at dawn today, Sunday, in the ninth round of the Liga MX competition at the Corregidora stadium. Riots and violence took place between the fans of the Queretaro and Atlas teams at dawn on Sunday, injuring[…]

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