Canoo unveils its new electric delivery truck

Electric vehicle startup Canoo has revealed its second scheduled vehicle, the Electric Delivery Truck, and has plans to add a pickup truck and build small factories.

The electric delivery truck is the company’s second vehicle, after the subscription-only truck that debuted last year.

Canoo said: It will offer two different types of size for the delivery vehicle, which carries a starting price of about 33,000 dollars, and the vehicle is supposed to launch in limited numbers in late 2022 with a wider distribution in 2023.

Canoo CEO Tony Aquila said in an interview: The MPDV is not just about delivering goods, it’s about providing use cases.

Aquila, who was appointed to the post in October, said Canoo plans to add a pickup, bypassing the company’s plans to manufacture the capsule-like seven-seat vehicle in the second quarter of 2022, and the delivery car and sports sedan in 2025.

Canoo developed the low-rise platform that combines batteries and electric motors with chassis components such as: steering, brakes and wheels, on which it is possible to build a variety of vehicle body types.

Canoo is pursuing a manufacturing contract with supplier Magna International, and it also intends to build the vehicles itself in smaller factories.

The Los Angeles-based company said its delivery vehicle can carry 30 percent more packages than competitors.

Demand for electric delivery vehicles has increased, and many companies, including Ford, General Motors, Mercedes, and emerging companies Rivian and Arrival, are developing similar vehicles.

The delivery vehicle will be fully connected with data reporting capabilities, and feature autonomous driving technology and software updates over the air, said Canoo, who is working with South Korea’s Hyundai.

The two models – the MPDV1 and MPDV2 – are expected to offer three battery sizes, with an estimated driving range of 130 to 230 miles (209 to 370 km) for the MPDV1 and between 90 and 190 miles (145 to 306 km). For MPDV2 vehicle.

The car appears for the first time in the US market, followed by Canada, Mexico and Europe, and Canoo said: It plans to offer the third largest type in the truck category.

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