The goals of the match Burkina Faso vs Cameroon 3-3 in the African Nations Cup

 Cameroon achieved third place in the African Nations Cup at the expense of its counterpart Burkina Faso by winning 5-3 on penalties, after 90 minutes ended in a 3-3 draw during the match that brought the two teams together on Saturday evening to determine the third place in the tournament held on the territory of Cameroon and continues Until February 6th.

Burkina Faso vs Cameroon

The first goal for Burkina Faso came in the 24th minute of the match, through player Steve Yago from a wonderful follow-up inside the penalty area inside the goal.

In the 43rd minute, Burkina Faso scored the second goal, after a fatal mistake by Cameroon goalkeeper Andre Onana, who put the ball by mistake.

In the second half, Burkina Faso added the third goal in the 49th minute through Djibril Ouattara, before Stephanie Bahukin reduced the difference for the Lions in the 71st minute to 3-1.

The second goal of the Cameroon national team came through the captain of the Cameroon national team, the substitute top scorer, Vincent Abu Bakr, in the 85th minute of the match, before the same player scored the third and second goal for him in the 87th minute.

The line-up of the Cameroon national team is as follows: Onana, Mukodi, Bitolo, Bahukin, Chubu-Moting, Yves, Muling, Mbezu, Ganago, Ongoni, Gyan Onana.

The Burkina Faso line-up was as follows: Oudrago, Ouattara, Somalia Ouattara, Koboré, Traore, Tabosuba, Abdul Tabosoba, Ouedraogo, Sangare, Toure, Yago.

Burkina Faso was eliminated from the semi-finals of the African Nations by losing to Senegal 3-1 on Wednesday, and Cameroon was eliminated from the tournament after losing to Egypt on penalties 3-1.



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