Bypass iCloud lock from iPhone 4 on macOS Via Silver V5.5

Apple has a security feature (iCloud) in its iOS operating system, which is one of the strictest security systems, after restoring your iPhone 4 factory settings, iOS asks you to enter the last iCloud that was previously synced to iPhone 4 before performing the restore to verify the identity The true owner of iPhone 4.

This feature is important and aims to avoid misuse of your iPhone 4 during the theft. But some users ran into a problem because of that, when they forgot their iCloud credentials after resetting iPhone 4. So, in this tutorial, we have provided the latest method to bypass the iCloud lock from iPhone 4 easily by following some simple steps.

How to Bypass iCloud lock iPhone 4

  • Download Sliver v5.5.dmg to your Mac then Double click on the file to open it.
Sliver V5.5
Sliver V5.5
  • Drag Sliver to your application folder.
  • Open a Terminal window.
appletech 752 - bash
  • Type: sudo chmod -R 755
appletech 752 - bash - 80x24appletech 752 - bash - 80x24
  • Find Sliver then click on Show Package Contents.
  • Find Resources Folder.
  • Drag & Drop Resources Folder to Terminal
  • Enter your computer password.
appletech 752 - bash - 80x24-
  • The Sliver is ready to use.
appletech 752 - bash - 80x24--
  • Open Sliver then click on Super Special Options.
apple tech 752 bypass tool 5.5
  • iPhone 4 Bypass.
apple tech 752 bypass tool 5.5-
  • Enter DFU Mode on Your iPhone 4
  • Connect your iPhone 4 to Computer
  • Hold the Home + The Power Button at the same times
  • As soon as you see the black screen release the power button & Continue to hold the Home button.
  • Until a message appears in iTunes telling your iPhone 4 in recovery mode.
  • Quit the Itunes then Select your iPhone 4 Model.
apple tech 752 bypass tool 5.5--
  • Click on Run limera1n Exploit then click OK.
  • The device is now in pwned DFU Mode.
apple tech
  • Click on Load then click OK.
apple tech-
  • The iPhone 4 Bypass is Began.
  • Click on Relay Device Info then Got It.
apple tech 752 bypass tool 5.5---
  • Click on Delete Setup. app then click OK.
  • iCloud Bypass Done from your iPhone 4.
apple tech 752 bypass tool 5.5----


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