Brexit bargain remember Netscape browser

The Brexit deal included references to outdated software programs, including describing Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail as two modern services.

A number of security researchers have noted some confusing aspects of the deal that will govern trade relations between the UK and the European Union in the future after Brexit.

These include a reference to the 23-year-old Netscape Communicator email program and recommendations for outdated encryption standards.

The signal takes place in a series of regulations regarding encoding of messages containing DNA profile information between countries so that this must be done using a specific set of encryption protocols.

Experts believe that officials have copied and pasted textual portions of old legislation into the document, which recommends the use of systems now vulnerable to cyberattacks.

The actual impact of this on major daily operations in the European Union or the United Kingdom is likely to be small.

Netscape Communicator is cited as an example of a modern email software package that supports the open standard s / MIME for public-key encryption and MIME data signing, along with Outlook and Mozilla Mail.

The use of outdated encryption standards is even more alarming, as the SHA-1 hash algorithm was broken as of 2017, while the RSA 1024-bit encryption is vulnerable to attack by more powerful modern computing.

As reported by the BBC, the same text also appears in the 2008 European Union document, indicating that lawmakers who compiled the massive 1256-page treaty may have used some of the old texts without reading it closely.

It is unclear why the European Union felt that Netscape Communicator 4 was a useful email application to cite in the June 2008 bill.

It is reported that Netscape Communicator 4 was last updated in 2002, followed by several generations of Netscape applications, all of which were discontinued in March 2008.

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