Brazilian players in Shakhtar and Kiev appeal to the government of their country to leave Ukraine.. Video

 A number of Ukrainian players from Shakhtar and Dynamo Kiev published a video, asking for help and help to leave the country due to the war against Russia.

In a short video clip, a number of Brazilian professional players in the Ukrainian league and their families appealed to the authorities of their country, Brazil, to facilitate the process of their return to their country as soon as possible, due to their sense of danger.

Activists on Twitter circulated a video clip of the players of Shakhtar Donsik and Dynamo Kiev, the two poles of the Ukrainian league, with their families, calling on the authorities of the Brazilian state to speed up diplomatic intervention to help them get out of these unstable conditions in the state of Ukraine and return to his country.

Brazilian players from Shakhtar and Dynamo Kiev have released a video asking for the Brazilian authorities to help them leave Ukraine. 🇺🇦

Júnior Moraes: “Situation is desperate. Borders are closed, banks too, no fuel, shortage of food, no money.”

— Natter Football (@NATTERFOOTBALL) February 24, 2022

The Shakhtar team includes the largest number of Brazilian professional players, with 13 Brazilian players in its ranks, in addition to the presence of a professional Brazilian player in the ranks of the Dynamo Kiev team, who appeared with the Shakhtar players to demand to return to his country, accompanied by them on a private, secured plane amid the current state of instability.

The Ukrainian Federation has officially announced the suspension of the local championship for 30 days, after the Russian attacks on the country this morning.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also announced the start of a military operation in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, whose independence Russia recognized two days ago and concluded a charity agreement with its leaders, coinciding with the start of the military ground movement in Ukrainian cities during the past few hours.

Putin said that his country does not intend to occupy Ukraine, but rather to protect the Donbass region, which includes the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, warning against any external interference in Ukraine and at the same time calling on the Ukrainian army to lay down its arms.



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