Biktrix Juggernaut Duo .. an electric off-road bike

Canadian e-bike distributor Biktrix has its Juggernaut Duo electric bikes that come with up to 1500 watts of power and blazing speeds.

The Juggernaut Duo represents the latest development of Juggernaut’s line of high-powered electric bikes from Biktrix.

The bike features large tires, powerful engine options, front suspension, integrated lighting options and the ability to add a second battery for extremely long-range riding.

The longer version has a range of 257 km via a built-in 2,000-watt battery, and the line consists of a number of options ranging from $ 1,400 to $ 2,900.

All three models feature pedal assist, engine power flow control, dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable reach arms, and an integrated battery under the chassis, with the option of a second auxiliary battery available.

The Juggernaut Duo offers a 750-watt rear motor, a top speed of 38 km / h, and an 840-watt battery.

Juggernaut Duo offers a Bafang BBS02 750W mid-drive motor that boosts torque from 80 to 120 Nm, although top speed remains the same.

The Juggernaut HD Duo offers a 1000-watt Bafang BBSHD motor with 160 Nm of torque, increasing the top speed to 55 kmph.

The bikes come standard with thicker tires and more agile mountain tires, and the built-in 200-lumen headlight can be upgraded to a 2,000-lumen off-road ready headlight.

The bikes are available in multiple tire sizes to suit different riders, and while Biktrix launches the new model line through Indiegogo, the company has a solid reputation for having delivered thousands of electric bikes to customers.

Biktrix expects to begin shipping the new models during December of this year.

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