Biden receives the presidential account from Twitter without followers

Twitter plans to remove all followers from the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts after Biden is sworn in on January 20, instead of moving existing account followers to the new administration, according to Rob Flaherty, Biden’s digital director.

Twitter said: It is canceling all followers of the accounts of the White House PressSec Secretary, Vice President of the United States VP, First Lady of the United States FLOTUS, the US C Cabinet and the White House in Spanish.

According to press sources, there is a dispute between Biden camp and Twitter about the transfer of followers, and this means that the new US President Joe Biden needs some Twitter followers.

The move contrasts with what the platform did in 2017, when the Trump administration took over the accounts from the Obama administration.

At the time, Twitter cloned existing accounts, created an archive of tweets and followers during the Obama era, and created a new set of accounts for the incoming administration that kept all the followers, but without any tweets.

Twitter did not mention the reason for changing the policy this time, and said: It is in discussions with Biden’s transition team on a number of aspects related to the transfer of the White House account.

The Biden team appears to be unhappy with this policy change, given the significant digital advantage it is losing.

A Twitter spokesperson said: Anyone who follows one of the accounts being transferred receives a notification on the day of the inauguration that the account is being archived, and is given the option to follow new accounts for Biden’s administration, and there are no details yet about what this notice looks like for users.

While the president has plenty of platforms to speak through, it cannot be denied that Twitter has been the president’s main communication tool after these past four years.

The accounts have a new mission of bringing back followers, as the POTUS account has up to 33 million followers, the White White account has about 26 million followers, the US First Lady’s account has 16 million followers, and the White House press secretary has 6 million. follower.

According to media outlets, Donald Trump’s POTUS account will be renamed to POTUS45 with its freezing, while Trump will still control his realDonaldTrump account, but with less protection than before.

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