Biden is vulnerable to cyberattacks due to Trump

President-elect (Joe Biden) is preparing to take over as President (Donald Trump), but his transition team is not getting the level of cybersecurity support that outgoing administrations typically provide.

This could mean that Biden’s team is more vulnerable to cyberattacks than if it had the full support of the federal government.

The federal government, which has some of the most advanced anti-piracy technologies in the world, is providing limited assistance to Biden’s transition team in securing his email and other communications.

This comes despite concerns that the team may be a major target for espionage for Russia, China, and other opponents.

Departing management usually helps the transition team with things like creating government email accounts and making sure those accounts are protected, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But the Trump administration has blocked federal agencies from providing this support, letting Biden’s transition team take care of his cybersecurity.

The team uses the paid Google Workspace network, although all accounts are registered with both Google’s Advanced Protection program and Google’s Enhanced Protection program, according to the transition team.

All employees are required to use Titan Security Keys to log into accounts, which could improve security.

The team has limited access to internal information on a need-to-know basis, the information is stored in common spaces with restricted access, and employees have been briefed on security best practices.

“We are preparing to rule through a global pandemic and economic recession, all while working remotely, and since the beginning of the transformation we have invested in best-in-class IT systems and processes,” said an official in the transition team.

A White House spokesman said: The Trump administration is following all legal requirements, but he did not specify what those requirements were.

On November 7, the winner of the presidential election was named, but Trump has not yet given up, and his administration is preventing efforts to transition cybersecurity, and it is also hindering federal planning for the Corona vaccine.

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