Best calendar apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

It is common to forget important dates and so on, and forgetting these dates may lead to the end of your relationship with someone or losing your job, so here are the most prominent calendar apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020.

Google Calendar:

This is the most organized calendar app from Google, which means you are sure you have several features and sync options. The app offers you three display options, which are month, week, and day. It also automatically syncs with your Gmail account and adds events like travel plans, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, etc. In addition, the app works seamlessly with all calendars installed on your device, including iCloud and Exchange. IPhone users can get the app from here.

Calendars: Planner & Reminders

The app has gained a very good user base since its launch, as you can sync it with your Google Calendar, and drag and drop events directly. It also comes with easy online event management, and it comes with special keyboards that enable you to set appointments and time reminders twice as fast than the built-in iOS calendar on iPhones, as you can get it from here.

PocketLife Calendar:

It comes loaded with a host of useful and modern features, and the first thing I liked about the app was that it easily syncs with Google, Outlook, iCal, Yahoo, and iCloud. You can switch the view from options, such as list, day, week, calendar, year, and month. The app is compatible with AirDrop and AirPrint, and comes with Touch ID and Face ID protection. IPhone users can also get the app from here.

Calendars 5:

Without a doubt, the app offers you the best mobile calendar experience. It comes with some great features, such as natural language input and offline support, a task manager and an event-focused interface, custom reminders and alerts, and much more. However, you might find it a little expensive compared to other apps, the reason is that after purchasing the app you must have a subscription after a free trial period of three days. IPhone users can get the app for $ 6.99 here.

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