Bayern Munich scored the second against Al-Ahly and puts one ahead of the final

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Bayern Munich’s first football team scored the second goal against its rival Al-Ahly, in the match between the two teams, at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, the World Cup, in the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup.

During a defensive mistake from Al-Ahly, Sani managed to pass a cross over Lewandowski’s head and scored the second goal in the 87th minute of the match.

first half..

The kick-off kicked off from Bayern Munich’s feet, with a long ball in front of the Al-Ahly penalty area, but Ayman Ashraf was stable in his place and the ball was dispersed quietly away from Mohamed El Shennawi’s goal.

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Al-Shenawi saved his goal from the first attack considered dangerous in the fourth minute of the match, with a successful exit and seizing the ball before it reached Bayern striker Lewandowski.

Mahmoud Kahraba, Al-Ahly player, intensified the pressure on Bayern Munich players from the middle of the field, and got the ball more than once, but was unable to reach Neuer, the German goalkeeper.

Ayman strongly supervised the right wing of Bayern Munich, but the referee did not consider anything.

Al-Ahly captured the ball in the 6th minute of the match, and Mohamed Magdy Qafsha tried to penetrate, but could not break the impenetrable barrier.

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Baba passed a wonderful ball from the right front in the 8th minute at Lewandowski’s header and hit a header, but it went over the El Shennawi goal and passed safely.

Alaba passed a through ball, the most dangerous of Al-Ahly’s goal in the 11th minute, but Al-Shenawi, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, went out of his own goal to keep it away from the penalty area brilliantly.

Al-Ahly defender Ayman Ashraf sent off a dangerous ball after Al-Shennawi assessed by mistake and left his own goal in the 12th minute of the match.

El-Shenawy starred again in the 15th minute of the match and kept the ball away from his goal after Janabry’s incursion into the penalty area.

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In a defensive roundabout from Al-Ahly, Bayern Munich’s Lewandowski scored the first goal for his team against Al-Ahly in the 16th minute.

Al-Ahly organized a distinct attack that started from the feet of Kahraba, who passed a quick ball to Taher Mohamed Taher and penetrated into the penalty area, but it had Noir on the lookout.

And Marc Rocca missed the opportunity for the second goal of Bayern Munich, and in the 24th minute after his incursion into the penalty area, the passage of Ayman Ashraf and the shot of a strong ball, but it passed next to El-Shenawi’s goal.

For the second time, Roca fired a ball at El-Shennawi’s goal in the 26th minute, but El-Shenawi was alert this time and deftly tackled it.

Ali Maaloul exited after suffering an injury in the posterior muscle, and Yasser Ibrahim replaced him with Ayman Ashraf in his position.

In a dangerous attempt by Al-Ahly against Bayern Munich in the 32nd minute, Majdy Qafsha reached the Neuer penalty area and hit a ball, but it was far from the three sticks.

Al-Shenawi saved his goal with courage and manliness in a dangerous attack that almost announced the second goal of Bayern Munich. Lewandowski was alone with Al-Shennawi, but what was the most appropriate.

And the attempts reached Al-Shenawi’s goal for 12 attempts, the last of which was a defender of Bayern Munich, who hit a strong ball, but it passed by the right post of Al-Shennawi.

Yasser Ibrahim caused a dangerous ball against Al-Ahly after he interfered with the Bayern Munich player in front of the penalty area and counted a direct free kick in favor of the Germans in the 42nd minute.

And for the sixth time, Al-Shenawi saved his goal from the Bayern attack, in the 43rd minute, with a powerful shot from a direct free kick that passed safely.

Second half..

Al-Ahly appeared at the beginning of the second half of the match in a different way, dominating and possessing the ball in a distinctive way, and reached the goal of Neuer, Bayern Munich goalkeeper, but without real danger.

Hussein Al-Shahat penetrated and dodged three players from Bayern Munich’s defense in the 49th minute and entered the penalty area and hit a ball, but it rebounded from the feet of Bayern Munich players.

Al-Ahly tightened its defenses well, and began playing on the counter-attack and appeared distinctively in more than one attack.

The duo, Taher Mohamed Taher, and electrified the defenses of Bayern Munich in the 55th minute of the match in an organized attack, but it was not the real test so far on Neuer.

Al-Shenawi saved his goal from Thomas Molar’s header in the 57th minute of the match, and again in the 58th minute from another corner for Bayern.

Bayern Munich made two substitutions at once in the 61st minute, with Thomas Muller leaving and Boateng going, Gnabry leaving and Sani descending instead.

Al-Ahly possessed the ball and prevented Bayern Munich from catching the ball, but Al-Ahly could not threaten Neuer’s goal in any of the balls that he reached into the Bayern penalty area.

Ayman Ashraf almost scored a goal by mistake, but it passed by Al-Shennawi’s goal safely.

Musimani made two substitutions at once in the 70th minute, with Kahraba leaving and Walter Bwalia leaving, Muhammad Magdi Qafsha leaving and Udiang going, Hussain al-Shahat left and Salah Mohsen replaced him.

Al-Ahly player Amr Al-Soleya fell on the pitch after participating with Bayern Munich’s Sani in the 80th minute and went out to receive treatment.

Al-Ahly made its last substitutions with the descent of Muhammad Sharif and the exit of Taher Muhammad Taher in the 83rd minute.

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