• The coach could repeat sides with Araujo on the right and Alba on the left, although it had no effect
  • He could resort to one of the natural substitutes on the right wing like Sergi Roberto or summon Dest again 
  • On the left, if there are no express reinforcements, it could even give minutes to Balde, who has responded so far  

Xavi Hernández will finish outlining the composition of the defense, the line that is under scrutiny after the first matchday of LaLiga against Rayo VallecanoIf it will continue the Araujo-Alba tandem or make any changes.

In the league debut, the Terrassa coach left Dest out of the squad and only included Sergi Roberto as a right-back, although he was on the bench. The ownership was given to Araujo, who had only played in this position against big teams. It did not give the intended effect On the left, Alba was once again a starter, although it did not materialize into a good game. 

On the right, Xavi has the option of repeating with Araujo in Diego Rico and Mikel Merino‘s wing, bringing on Sergi Roberto, or calling up Dest again to make him the starter. That is if he does not bet on a system with three central, which is unlikely at the outset. All this if he does not carry out a new experiment, testing another player.  

On the left, he could repeat with Alba, who has all the numbers. Xavi has the Balde alternative that is giving good results every time they have tried it. The Marcos Alonso letter, in the event that the financial ‘fair play can be adjusted in a hurry, is unthinkable for now.  

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