Xavi Hernández, in the Dallas game

Xavi: “Yes, I would like Messi to come back”

  • The Barcelona coach corroborates that he would like Leo Messi to return and blesses the competition: “It’s good that playing for Barca is expensive”

Xavi Hernandez has assured, regarding Jules Kounde, in the preview of the match against New York Red Bulls, that “he is a very good signing, he will help us a lot. When the ball is out, he knows how to fix the central defenders, he has leadership capacity. With the rest of the defensive line, to compete and try to win titles, which is the main objective”.

He stressed that “he can play as a winger, like Ronald” and for him “it means competition, it means a lot to us, the one who performs best will play. It is important that it is expensive to play as a starter at Barca. Pique? Like everyone, everyone is going to compete for a position, the one who gives the most performance will play. And the more options he has, the better.”

And he pointed out that he does not give up more signings: “Everything that is reinforced is good. I already said that there should be two players per position, more this year with the World Cup. We need footballers to compete and to be better. Yes, we want to reinforce ourselves more, the more the better”

The coach confirmed Joan Laporta’s words about a possible return to Barcelona: “Now he has a contract, it’s a utopia, we’re going to focus on this year. Obviously, I would like Leo’s time at Barca not to end the way he did and for him to have one last chance to say goodbye as the best in history. Of course, I would like to, yes, I would like it to happen, but he has a contract”. In line with what Joan Laporta said, Xavi vindicated the way the sports management works to register players: “It is true that you see statements from people complaining, but we want to sign without skipping any rules”.

He also admitted that he does not rule out using the 3-4-3: “Yes, it is an option, in fact, we already used it last season when we were losing”.

Regarding the work on the tour, he stated that “I am very satisfied” and made it clear several times that “our goal is to win titles”.

He also said it in reference to Lewandowski: “He is a great signing, with the humility that has come and the work he does will make a difference. I’m not afraid, the main objective is to win titles”. And he pointed out that “the batch of young people we have is very good, comparable to ours, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Valdes, capable of marking an era”.





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