• The Barça coach admitted that the expectations created could weigh on his players, despite the fact that he himself told them that “I have told them that the pressure is on me”
  • The Egarense explained that “we lacked effectiveness” and gave credit to the rival because “they managed to cover up the passing lanes for us”

Xavi Hernández, coach of FC Barcelona, did not hide his disappointment at the draw in the league debut against Rayo Vallecano at the Spotify Camp Nou. “It’s been a shame, I’m disappointed. A lot of expectations have been generated this season and starting like this is not the best way. We knew about Rayo’s difficulties, yesterday I talked about having to circulate the ball a lot and it cost us to keep working hard”, analyzed the coach after the match.

The Barça coach celebrated that Ter Stegen contributed to keeping a clean sheet and saved a point for Barça, after two interventions of much merit. “It’s important that the goalkeeper gives us points, that’s what he’s for, I believe in him,” said the Barça coach. 

Xavi transmitted a message to the culés, who returned to be next to the team. “Trying to tell them that this is just the beginning. We have generated a lot of enthusiasm and we will show it on the field. We have to improve our effectiveness, take advantage of our opportunities,” insisted the coach, who also gave merit to the rival. “Today we have seen a difficult team like Rayo, worked very well by Iraola. “The pity is not having scored a goal. We lacked effectiveness, they also lost a lot of time, and in each action, they lost time. We lacked effectiveness,” he added.

What did you believe with the change of system?

Finally, Xavi commented on the reason for the system change in the second half. “We tried to have superiority in the center of the field. It was difficult for us to find that 3 against 2 and in the second half I changed the system to have that superiority. The expectations created have weighed on us a bit, I have told them that the pressure is now on me Not for them,” he concluded. 

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