Xavi cannot travel with the team to Miami!

  • The club announces that the coach will join in the next few days “for administrative and passport reasons”
  • As an Al Sadd player, he was in Iran three times and needs special permission to enter the United States.

Xavi Hernandez will not be able to travel to Miami with the Barça team. The club has reported that the coach will join in the next few days due to “some administrative and passport problems” and will travel to Miami as soon as possible. 

During his time as an Al Sadd player, Xavi visited Iran three times, in fact the last match of his playing career was played in Tehran. And having been to Iran, he requires special permission to enter the United States . In principle, everything was in order, but on Friday afternoon they discovered that he did not pass the ESTA , the required travel permit. In the middle of the weekend they cannot solve the matter and they will have to wait until Monday. 

The problem only affects Xavi and not the rest of the members of his ‘staff’, because Al Sadd ‘s matches in Iran were in his time as a player and not as a coach, so he is the only one who traveled to Tehran.





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