• Article 6 of the FIFA Player Transfer Regulations and Statute allows this. The one who is a free agent or without a contract before the expiration is considered unemployed. It is also included in the General Regulations of the RFEF

The Madrid winger will be registered this Friday, September 2, even though the market was closed from 11:59 p.m. yesterday.

The key lies in Chelsea’s decision to terminate the Spanish winger’s contract before this summer window. This makes the left back a free agent or what in Spain could be considered an unemployed player.

And this brings us to one of the exceptions contained in the FIFA Player Transfer Regulations and Statute. In article 6 regarding the registration period, it states that “A player may register during one of the two annual registration periods set by the corresponding association. Associations may set different registration periods for their men’s and women’s competitions. An exception to this rule is the professional player whose contract has expired before the end of the registration period and who may register outside of the registration period. Associations are authorized to register such professional players as long as the sporting integrity of the relevant competition is taken into consideration.” And this is the situation of Marcos Alonso following Chelsea’s decision to terminate his contract before 11:59 p.m. this Thursday, September 1.

A situation that is also included in the RFEF Regulation itself, which says verbatim: “As an exception to the general provision contained in the previous section, footballers with a “P” license whose contracts have expired may register outside the two license application periods. before the aforementioned periods conclude, as well as those soccer players who, with an “A” license, prove that they are in a legal situation of unemployment as a result of the termination of the employment contract with a sports entity before the aforementioned periods conclude.

They must register him today to play the Champions League

So it should be throughout today when the Barça club registers the Spanish international side. Although he could do it any date given his status as a “free agent” or unemployed. But the Barça club must register him throughout this Friday because this September 2 ends the deadline given by UEFA for clubs to register their players in the Champions League and other European competitions. And to be able to register it in Europe, it must be previously registered in its national league.

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