• The player and his agents have agreed with the club that he did not need to be against the Pumas today because he is looking for a way out

Samuel Umtiti will not be at the Gamper today, at the team’s presentation to the culé fans. The Frenchman, with a contract until 2026, is looking for a way out and does not want to participate in this event or in the match, knowing that he will not continue with the team next season.

Thus, Umtitiwith Xavi’s OK, will not be at the Gamper today. Among other things, the Frenchman will avoid some unpleasant situation in the form of protest when he is looking for a way out. Nothing is about to be finalized yet, but his agents, Arturo Canales and Fernando Solanas are in contact with different clubs to try to find an exit that satisfies the club and the player.

Umtiti has a contract with Barca until 2026, after forgiving income and also deferring it last season so that other players could be registered given the club’s ‘fair play problems. However, the Frenchman knows that at least this season, he will have to find a life outside of Barça because the list of central defenders, including the signings Christensen and Koundé, make it impossible for him to play a leading role.

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