• The Chelsea coach affirms that he does not know “if I can give the player what he wants”, criticizes Barcelona, and compares his price with that of Koulibaly, for whom they paid almost 40 million 

Chelsea is not going to make it easy for Cesar Azpilicueta (32 years old), the player that Xavi wants to strengthen the defense, to leave. This was said by his coach, Thomas Tuchel, at the English team’s Media Day on their tour of England. The Times newspaper has spoken with Tuchel, who assures that “I’m not sure if I can give Azpi what he wants”. 

The Chelsea coach is very annoyed with Barcelona and affirms that they are not valuing Azpilicueta as they expect since he compares him with Koulibaly, for whom they have paid almost 40 million a year from the end of the contract: “We have a player who He is an international in the Spanish team, he is captain of Chelsea and I see him at the same level, but it seems that Barcelona do not see him at that level. The Barcelona club made a very low first offer, close to three million euros, which Chelsea considers insufficient.

Tuchel also claimed to be “a little angry” with Barcelona’s methods of negotiating their captain’s departure.

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