•  The Catalan club had been following the young Cantabrian for a long time but the operation was conceived and closed between the first two weeks of February
  • Alemany and Jordi Cruyff went straight in for him and the pearl racinguista was amazed at how Xavi knew him and he liked what he expected of him

The young Racing de Santander midfielder will start with a subsidiary file but in first-team dynamics since the preseason

In Can Barça they assure that they followed Pablo Torre (18 years old) for a long time, but they knew that he was a player who was not going to leave Santander. His environment, mainly his parents, preferred that he grow up close to home in a historic team from which great soccer talents have come. Esteban Torre, a former Racing footballer, is a sensible guy, a football man. He knew that in the Cantabrian club and close to his own he had everything to continue growing. He wasn’t wrong.

And that during football growth he did not lack offers to leave. Barça, Madrid and Real Sociedad were the most insistent in LaLiga, in addition to teams from England, Germany, Portugal… Their more than late explosion was covered up. And it is that the two years of pandemic lowered the soufflé. He debuted with the U-17, but until 2021 he did not return to the U-19, where he is already a fixture.

At Barça they knew that they had to wait for him to decide to leave Santander, where it was a matter of time before he reached his ceiling. And it was at the beginning of the year when everything accelerated. In fact, everything was closed in two weeks, during the beginning of February when Barcelona saw a first-team player in him. That is why the negotiation was carried out from above, with Mateu Alemany and Jordi Cruyff at the helm. They trust that he will be a player who will spend little time in the first team and they went with everything. Barcelona was agile, they explain from the player’s environment. He agile and unceremonious. The termination clause is 10 million euros and he still had one year left on his contract. That is why they offered the Pedri option. Five million entry and some variables that could reach 20 ‘kilos’.

But why Barca? In this case, it is not valid that he was a culé since he was a child. He is from Racing de Santander all his life. But he has sucked football at home all his life and his father played against Xavi Hernández. He was a day-to-day name, a legend who won a World Cup when Pablo was 7 years old and was already passionate about football. That is why the call from the Terrassa coach was decisive. Listening to him talking about him, about his virtues, knowing that he knew his football perfectly. Hear out loud what he expects from him and what he can contribute to the Barcelona of the future. It was a compliment for Torre, who ended up convinced.

At home they were also clear. Barça’s game is the one that best suits the characteristics of the young Cantabrian player. On an economic level, he had better offer, but his family knows that “the money will come” and now he had to bet on the best sports proposal. And that was the Barça club.

Once both parties were convinced, it was a matter of closing and announcing it. It became official on March 3 because there was no point in hiding it and also to free the 18-year-old boy, who with so many suitors and his future in the air was at the center of media attention. Now Pablo Torre wants to focus on continuing to enjoy and grow at Racing de Santander, which he has always done. But before going to Barça, where he will start with a subsidiary file but in first team dynamics, he wants to achieve promotion to Second and leave the team of his life where he deserves: in professional football.

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