• Barcelona fans who attended the stadium for the Europa League quarter-final second leg expressed their outrage at the large presence of rival fans in the stands

The testimonies of the anger of partners before the German tide in the Camp Nou

The large presence of Eintracht Frankfurt supporters at the Camp Nou for the Europa League quarter-final second leg has caused great indignation among Barcelona members and season ticket holders, who consider that the tickets that the club had available thanks to the more than 26,000 season ticket surpluses should have been sold to Catalan fans and not to Germans, and more in such an important match.

One of the members who went to the Camp Nou was Ernest Sant, founder and first president of the Penya Almogàvers, one of the groups that forms part of the Grada d’Animació, who did not hesitate to express his disappointment on social networks at the great presence of Eintracht fans in the Barcelona stadium.

“I’ve been at the Camp Nou for more than 40 years in each game. 33 with Penya Almogàvers. You can count on the fingers of one hand the games I’ve missed. I’ve never had a night as bad as this one. Since 20 minutes before before the game started. The Camp Nou Blanco. I demand responsibilities”, published Ernest Sant, who also added that “the fault of what happened yesterday is not the member’s. It is 100% of the board that with the 27,000 tickets it manages could have fill the Camp Nou with people from Barça -as in the women’s for example- and he preferred to sell them to the Germans just to make money”.

Fa més de 40 anys que vaig al #CampNou a cada partit. 33 amb @PenyaAlmogavers. És pot comptar amb els dits de la mà els partits que m’he perdut. Mai havia passat una nit tan dolenta com aquesta. Des de 20 abans que comencés el partit. El #CampNou blanc. Exigeixo responsabilitats pic.twitter.com/Hdbo4mO3df

— Ernest II*II (@ernest_sant) April 14, 2022

After the uproar caused by the presence of Eintracht supporters, many Catalan fans who went to the Camp Nou and joint and member Carlos Prats, located nxt to the wall of the visiting fans, deplored that “the club wanted to get money. In “by selling tickets to Eintracht supporters and highlighted the lack of security in their area. He also noted that the German fans were drinking beer and smoking without a mask throughout the match.

For his part, Dani Lliria acknowledged that he was inhibited by the surprise of meeting so many Eintracht fans in the first tier of Gol Sud and pointed out that both the members and the club took the opportunity to do business with ticket sales, something he described as outrageous, but had no problems with the rival fans.

In the second tier of Gol Sud was Albert Pantaleón, who denounced that in his area of ​​the stadium there were Eintracht fans smoking and drinking cans of beer without any problem and that he demanded the presence of the security forces, but they ignored him . Even up to an hour before the game, Eintracht Frankfurt fans were seen buying cans of beer near the Camp Nou and everything indicates that they were able to enter them despite the access controls.

Who also described as “shame” the great German tide in the Camp Nou was the member Miguel Vilellas, whose town is between the corner and the Tribune, and pointed out that “it was a downturn to see so many rival fans, it was worse than the result”. Vilellas pointed out that it is impossible that the fault lies with the subscribers, since this season there are fewer than ever due to absences, and said that “we seemed like visitors” at the Camp Nou.

Another of those affected by the German tide at the Camp Nou was Sandra Martín, located right next to the area set up for Eintracht supporters, who expressed on social networks that there were hardly any security members despite the close proximity to the rival fans and the presence of fans of the ‘eagles’ in that part of the stadium.

“I am in my seat at the Camp Nou surrounded by the German fans. This is inadmissible FC Barcelona. What is the fence for? We are four from Barça surrounded by Germans. We hope that the game will be calm because I don’t see any security here,” he wrote Sandra, denouncing mismanagement in ticket sales.

Estic en el meu seient del Camp Nou rodejada de l’afició alemanya. Això és inadmissible @FCBarcelona_cat La tanca perquè serveix? Som quatre del Barça rodejats d’alemanys. Esperem que el partit sigui tranquil perquè aquí no veig seguretat de cap mena. pic.twitter.com/Ss4Xl55fYX

— Sandra Mart||*||n (@smartinselles) April 14, 2022

For his part, Dídac Moreno watched the game from one of the corners in the first stand of the Camp Nou and also showed his surprise and rejection at the large presence of Eintracht Frankfurt fans.

“I’ve been going to the Camp Nou for 40 years and I’ve never felt like I do today. It seems that we played in the rival’s field, Eintracht. Shame. I thought that Barça’s partner had changed. Maybe not as much as I thought. Sad but cheer up like a madman in the middle of the white Tsunami”, he published on his Twitter profile, attaching a photo of his view of the Camp Nou.

Fa 40 anys que vaig al Camp Nou i MAI m’havia sentit com avui. Sembla que juguem al camp del rival, l’Eintracht. Vergonyeta.

Em pensava que el soci del #Barça havia canviat. Potser no tant com em pensava.

Trist però a animar com un lokut enmig del Tsunami blanc. #BarcaEintracht pic.twitter.com/IbiCtaItfp

— Dídac Moreno (@DidacMoreno) April 14, 2022

For his part, Marc Garcia Cebrian was also one of the Barça supporters who were at the Camp Nou and demanded that the board of directors and the president Joan Laporta apologize and that ticket sales be managed more carefully and not take advantage of make business.


1/5 Ahir vaig anar al Camp Nou. Per molt q algun energúmen revengués el carnet està clar q el problema va ser la gestió de la venda d’entrades #BarcaEintracht. Cal q la directiva @JoanLaportaFCB demani disculpes al soci, doni explicacions i treballi una política d’ocupació…

— Marc Garcia Cebrian (@marcgcebrian) April 15, 2022

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