Jules Koundé

The signing of Kounde, made in the absence of the official announcement

  • Barca and Sevilla have reached an agreement for the transfer of the central defender; the player is already informed  
  • The operation is seen for sentencing in the absence of reflecting the economic conditions in the documentation and signing
  • It will cost about 50 million euros plus another 10 in variables, somewhat less than what Chelsea put on the table

The signing of Jules Kounde by Barca is seen for sentencing. Barca and Sevilla have spoken again and reached a definitive agreement and all that remains is to put the signature on the documentation the two clubs are exchangingOfficiality is a matter of hours, with Chelsea already relegated to a new failure. Kounde is informed and waiting for an immediate resolution that allows him to fly to the USA. The ‘yes’ is about to fall.

In Sevilla, they admit that the operation is OK. Also at Barca. The differences were, basically, in the price of the transfer and the form of payment. Sevilla wanted to receive at least what Chelsea offered. In England, they spoke of 55 million plus 10 in variables, but it will be less, about 50 also 10 in variables. 

Kounde will sign for five seasons. The central defender is with Sevilla in the pre-season ‘stage’ in Lagos (Algarve, Portugal) because his only obsession is his set-up. He has given the ‘yes’ to the Barca club and doesn’t care how long it takes until the signing. He is coming off an injury and needs to make up for a lost time to return to Camp Nou in the best physical shape possible. The money from his file has not been substantial. He has agreed to six million euros net, which is the top of the Barça wage bill, although some players considered as differential cracks are somewhat above. 

Barca‘s intention is for him to travel to the United States and immediately join the dynamics of the Barca squad. It was an express request from Xavi Hernández and although the club said that the offensive was targeting Inigo Martinez, the search for the center-back took an immediate turn. The activation of a second economic lever for 315 million euros turned the intentions upside down.






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