• Quoting MD, the club will receive the first three years, while the agreement for the training shirt lasts, 67.5 million that can reach 70
  • There are 57.5 ‘kilos’ for the shirts of the men’s and women’s teams, 5 more for the training ones and another 5 for the name of the Camp Nou
  • There is also a clause of 2.5 million that will be charged if there is “good practice on the part of the club in activating the contract”
  • In total, in four years Barcelona can earn 275 million for all concepts
  • Spotify asked for an option to resell the men’s and women’s team jerseys from the third year, but sources from the negotiation explained that the Swedish company does not have the right to resell any assets of the club.

FC Barcelona and Spotify, the Swedish music streaming company, yesterday confirmed their collaboration agreement for the coming years, which includes agreements for the men’s and women’s first team shirts, for the training shirts for both teams and by the name of the BarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelona stadium, which will be renamed Spotify Camp Nou. Neither from the BarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelona entity nor from the Scandinavian company have they been informed of the specific figures of the agreement, nor of the duration of the relationship in terms of the ‘naming rights’ of the Camp Nou. Instead, it was said that the contract for the men’s and women’s team jersey is for four years, while for the training jackets of both teams it will be for three seasons.

Club sources clarify that a confidentiality clause has been signed with Spotify and that these specific figures will not be made public before the Extraordinary Assembly of Delegates to be held on April 3 electronically and in which the partners authorized to do so they must validate or not the agreement. There have been many criticisms that have appeared on social networks for this lack of information at an economic level, but from the club it is pointed out that it is a commitment signed with Spotify that must be respected, that these figures cannot be given because it would be breached and that they consider that, in general, the BarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelona social mass values ​​the kindness of the agreement more than this lack of specificity in the income that it will report.

The agreements for the shirts and the ‘naming rights’

access to some of the figures of the agreement according to sources familiar with it and the negotiation between BarcelonaBarcelona and Spotify. According to them, by wearing the logo on the front of the men’s and women’s shirts, the club will pocket 57.5 million euros. For the front of the training shirt of both teams, 5 million will be won. And for the ‘naming rights’ of the stadium, not the ‘title rights’, another 5 million will fall for a period of six seasons.

A possible extra 2.5 million per year

In addition, there could be an extra income of 2.5 million per season thanks to an additional clause that Barcelona will charge if it complies with the concept of “good practice in activating the contract.” In this sense, we have not been able to obtain many details about this clause, but roughly speaking, it refers to whether the synergy plans that are planned with the club and with Rakuten, current sponsor until 30, work satisfactorily for the company. June, left a lot to be desired for various reasons.

Spotify asked for resell option

On the other hand, Spotify requested the right to resell the advertising space for the men’s and women’s first team shirts from the third year, specifically, for the last two seasons. That is to say, that the Swedish company could sell this space to another company if it did not see the agreement signed with BarcelonaBarcelona as profitable or if it considered that it could earn more money by marketing it. All this, with a right of veto on the part of the Barcelona club to prevent companies that are not in line with the values ​​that the culé entity prioritizes from being advertised on its shirt. For example, President Laporta and part of his board refused to sign with blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Specifically, they said ‘no’ to an agreement with Polkadot for the sleeve of the first team jersey because the evolution of the ‘crypto’ world was not clear.

In this regard, sources assured that finally Spotify does not have the right to resell any asset of the club.

‘Naming rights’: 6 years first and 15 years later

In the naming rights section, the agreement indicates that it will be for six seasons at a rate of 5 million for each of them, although the club has not officially reported its duration. It is not a bad agreement given that the Camp Nou will be under construction for a good part of that period and the impact of the Spotify name will be less than in a new stadium or one that is not undergoing renovations or works. After these six years, Spotify will have the option to extend the agreement for 15 more years, with a value of each of them for an amount that the sources consulted by MD estimate would be between 15 and 20 million euros. Spotify also asked to include in the agreement the possibility of reselling this asset, a common possibility in other countries and that has already occurred, for example, in the cases of stadiums and sports halls of clubs in the United States.

commissions were capped

As for the possible commissions derived from the agreement, it has not been reported whether there have been any, it has already been published that the agent Darren Dein, representative among other footballers of Thierry Henry and Cesc Fàbregas, tried to help Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, when tried to buy the English Arsenal and then also made arrangements to find a meeting point with FC Barcelona. Until now, in previous negotiations of the club with possible sponsors of the shirt and the ‘title rights’ of the Camp Nou -the naming rights were never discussed-, the possible commissions were capped at two million if there was an intermediary.

Image satisfaction and brand association

In summary, internally there is broad satisfaction with the agreement with Spotify, although in global figures, and taking into account all the assets involved, it is not the best in the market. However, it is valued that it is very good at the level of image and brand association, given that Spotify is a world leader in its sector.

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