• Gerard will be free in June 2023 if he does not play 35% of games this season, something difficult at this rate having only played one of eight as a starter

Barca already has a wide list of central defenders but thinks of Iñigo Martínez as a replacement for Gerard Piqué, who has a contract until 2024 but is subject to playing 35% of the games this season, something that seems very difficult according to his little prominence this campaign with only one title (against Cádiz) of eight official games between the League and the Champions League. Piqué is 20th in the ranking of minutes in the Barça squad.

The plan that Barca manages is that one arrives and the other leaves. Xavi was always upfront and he already made it clear to Piqué at the end of last season that he was going to countless. He replied that he wanted to fight for a position and that he hoped to earn the title, but so far he has not achieved it.

As for Iñigo, everything is discussed through his agent. He still does not want to renew and they have told him to focus on playing, but he fears ending up on the bench or in the stands if the months go by and he does not extend his contract with Athletic.

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