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Italian Federation President: We are waiting for the government’s support to compete in the organization of Euro 2032

Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, stressed his need for support from his country's government so that he can submit

What does Messi need to equal Ronaldo in the list of the best international scorers in history?

Argentine star Lionel Messi needs to score 29 goals in the Tango shirt in the coming years, to be equal with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo

Goals of the match Portugal vs Spain 0-1 in Nations League

Spain won a deserved victory at the expense of its counterpart Portugal, 1-0, during the match that was held between them, Tuesday evening, at the "Municipal"

Optimism between Barça and Memphis to find a solution in 48 hours

  • They have been talking in good harmony for several days and hope to reach an agreement in a couple of days
  • At the same time, the Dutch player is negotiating with Juventus, which has accelerated by offering him a two-year contract

Memphis Depay (28 years old) understands that he will have to find a way out if he wants to have minutes this season. In fact, he has been talking to the Catalan club for several days and trying to find the best solution for him. The Dutchman put two conditions: go free and to a great club. And the end seems near.

At the moment, negotiation sources confirmed that they are trying to find a solution and that they are optimistic. The predisposition of both parties is good and has a constructive attitude, which is facilitating the agreement. Barça wants to try to get some money, but the option that he can leave with the freedom letter is not ruled out. Given this good harmony, they assure us that the situation in Memphis could unravel in the next 48 hours.

Not only has Juventus

At the same time, Juventus, which offers him a two-year contract, is still waiting. The Italian team is also negotiating the terms of the future Memphis contract, which welcomes the Turin option. Yes, sources of the negotiation insist that it is not done yet and that in addition to the Italians there are other teams waiting for the striker to resolve his situation with Barça. Despite this, it is not hidden that Memphis and Juventus are talking and approaching positions.

It should be remembered that in England West Ham’s name came out as Depay’s suitor. 


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Barça studies how to recover to Messi

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At Barça there is a quorum to sign Zubimendi

we have to strengthen as soon as possible and Xavi Hernández is very aware of this. And he has a chosen one: Martín Zubimendi , pivot of Real Sociedad

The diagnosis at Barça after the defeat in Munich

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