• After resolving the visa problem in Madrid, the coach has taken a flight to the United States to join the Barcelona expedition and lead the team in the Classic this Saturday in Las Vegas

The ordeal is over. Four days after the Barcelona expedition set sail for the United States to start the American tour, Xavi Hernandez has finally been able to travel to Miami to join the group. After spending the night in Madrid and resolving his visa problems at the American embassy, ​​the Barcelona coach took a flight in the early afternoon to the city in the state of Florida. 

Xavi ‘s visa had not been validated like the rest of the Barcelona expedition because he had traveled three times to Iran – an ‘enemy’ of the US – as a footballer for Al Sadd . After several negotiations with the American embassy, ​​the Barcelona coach has received the OK to travel to the North American country. 

The forecast is that Xavi lands in Miami after 12 midnight in Spain -a little after six in the afternoon in the coastal city-. Almost without rest, he will spend the night in the same hotel as the group in Miami and the next day he will take a flight with the entire expedition to Las Vegas , where on Saturday he will lead the team from the bench against Real Madrid , after his brother and second coach, Oscar Hernandez , had to take charge of the team against Inter Miami , although he could not have had a better debut as head coach, as Barcelona thrashed 0-6 . 

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