• Lluis Bassat, the publicist and candidate for the Barcelona presidency in 2003, speaks in La Vanguardia after a period of silence and criticizes Laporta: “Barcelona is not a haberdashery”.

Lluis Bassat
, publicist and familiar character to Barcelona since he stood in the 2003 elections that he lost to Joan Laporta by surprise, speaks this Sunday in an interview with La Vanguardia in which he breaks a prolonged silence. Bassat speaks in-depth about the reality of the institution these days but, first, he leaves a striking headline that shows that the signing of Robert Lewandowski does not have everyone’s consensus: “Ten years ago, yes; but now I wouldn’t sign him. He is going to be 34 years old.”

Bassat is harsh with Laporta‘s management: “Barcelona is not a family business, a haberdashery or a grocery store,” he censures. 
And he complains about the way the Barcelona president governs: “If you surround yourself with small people, you will end up being a dwarf. If you surround yourself with great, you will be a giant. Barcelona is a company that bills billions of euros, which is listed on the stock market and would have an incalculable value. It is an institution that requires very serious work. When he was left without a general manager, who I know was magnificent, Laporta said that he would take his place. No, that’s not your mission. You cannot put on the ‘barret’ of the president, of general director, of the one who signs. It’s impossible to know everything.”

And he attacked his levers: “Laporta uses a language that people understand: the lever that helps lift the stone. But the fact itself is bad. You are selling things that you have not yet generated, income that you do not have. You are mortgaging yourself.”

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