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What does Messi need to equal Ronaldo in the list of the best international scorers in history?

Argentine star Lionel Messi needs to score 29 goals in the Tango shirt in the coming years, to be equal with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo

Goals of the match Portugal vs Spain 0-1 in Nations League

Spain won a deserved victory at the expense of its counterpart Portugal, 1-0, during the match that was held between them, Tuesday evening, at the "Municipal"

Lewandowski’s presentation in Miami, postponed to this Tuesday

  • Although it was revealed by the director responsible for the Social Area, Josep Ignasi Macia, during an event with Barcelona supporters club members residing in the United States, it will not finally take place this Monday

It has been a day without respite but finally without the expected coming-out, postponed for this Tuesday. Robert Lewandowski was to be presented as a new FC Barcelona player this Monday in Miami but the long-awaited act did not take place. It had been announced by the manager responsible for the Social Area of ​​the Barcelona club, Josep Ignasi Macia , during an event with supporters clubs at the headquarters of the Penya Barcelonista in Miami , at SportBar 77. “We have been in the 2022-23 pre-season for four days and already We have introduced four players and tomorrow, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing or not, we will introduce a new star here in Miami who has to return the club to the top media and sports level,” he said, referring to Robert Lewandowski, who landed in Miami late at night after making his transfer to the Barcelona club official on Saturday. 

The event was scheduled to take place at the Barcelona Academy Pro facilities in Miami at 1:00 p.m. local time (7:00 p.m. Spanish time), but the club already reported earlier that it had been postponed pending a time change. Finally, it was postponed 24 hours since the club wanted the contract to be reviewed and signed after the medical review was satisfactorily passed. 

Malcolm, a precedent

It would not be the first time that Barcelona has presented a player away from Barcelona . It already happened in the summer of 2018, when FC Barcelona presented Malcom at the Nike headquarters , near Portland , after the Brazilian winger will also join the team’s tour in the United States directly , following the agreement that the club azulgrana reached with the Girondins in exchange for 41 million euros. 

Josep Ignasi Macià addresses the supporters club
Josep Ignasi Macià addresses the supporters club

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