• The Polish striker reiterates his intention to change scenery this summer: “Something has died inside me, I want to change teams to find new emotions in my life”

Robert Lewandowski spoke again yesterday about his future and insisted, once again, on his desire to leave Bayern Munich this summer. The striker continues to pressure the German club and again launched the same message as in recent days, but this time he even admitted that he does not contemplate any other proposal other than Barcelona’s.

“I just want to leave Bayern, loyalty, and respect are more important than work, the best way is to find a solution for both parties,” the Polish striker reiterated again in an interview with the Polish media’s podcast channel ‘Onet Sport’. The footballer also stated that “something has died in me, I want to leave Bayern to seek new emotions in my life.”

In the same interview, Lewandowski commented that “after several seasons in Munich and having given my best, now I want to leave Bayern.” And he made it clear that “I do not consider any other proposal” when the interviewer made a reference to “the club that everyone talks about”. In other words, Lewandowski did not directly mention Barça, but it was clear that they were talking about the Barcelona club.

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