• As soon as he landed in Mallorca, after his signing with the Barcelona club was sealed, the Polish striker could not hide his satisfaction

Robert Lewandowski , 33 years old, is already an FC Barcelona player . After the Barcelona club and Bayern made his transfer official -the Barcelona club will pay 45 million, plus five in variables, and the Polish player will sign a contract for four seasons-, Lewandowski left Munich and went directly to Mallorca , where they were waiting for him his wife and two daughters. Nothing more to land in the terminal of private flights of Palm , the new crack of the Barcelona He answered with a brief: “Yes, I’m happy”, (Sí, soy muy feliz). 

Pending passing the medical review and signing your contract

After landing in Mallorca ,  Lewandowski will travel directly to the United States  from the Balearic island to undergo a medical review there and sign his new contract with FC Barcelona , bearing in mind that President Laporta will already be there with the Barcelona expedition and he is the one who You must also sign it. 

In Miami, he will join in the work with his new teammates and could make his debut this Tuesday against Inter Miami (at 2 am on Wednesday in Spain). 

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