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Laporta: There are surprises coming, and I will work to get Messi back to Barcelona

Once again, Barcelona president Joan Laporta decided to talk about Argentine star Lionel Messi, as he expressed his desire to see the Paris Saint-Germain striker retire in Barcelona.

Messi left the Catalan club during the last summer transfer period, moving to Paris in a free transfer deal, after Barcelona failed to register him due to the financial crisis.

While he was in New York City, USA, at the pre-season camp, Laporta talked about Messi and did not rule out his return to the Camp Nou.

What did Laporta say about Messi?

The Barcelona president said: “I would like to see Messi return to Barcelona and I always make sure to pay tribute to him on all occasions because I am responsible for his departure and we have a moral debt with him.”

He added, “His time with Barcelona did not end as we all wanted, it ended because of the economic issues that occurred and he had no fault in this matter.”

“We hope that it will be the end of his career with Barcelona, ​​and this is a personal ambition for me, and it will be my responsibility to try to help bring him back to the club.”

Reply to Bayern Munich

Some statements came out from Bayern Munich officials recently, about questioning Barcelona and the club’s conclusion of high-caliber deals in light of the financial crisis.

So Laporta decided to respond, “Comments from Germany? I’d like to ask them to look at their trading accounts, this money came from Robert Lewandowski, what they’re doing is a distortion of reality.”

He explained: “They did not realize the strength of Barcelona, ​​and I send a message to those who were surprised by what we did, I tell them that we are very awake, we are back in the market and we have weight and value for an entity with a history of more than 122 years, so I ask them to calm down because they may see some other surprises.”


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