LaLiga's statement on BARCELONA's economic situation

LaLiga’s statement on BARCELONA’s economic situation

  • In addition to Javier Tebas’ response to BARCELONA’s economic vice president via Twitter, the employers’ association has published a letter defending its intervention when verifying the BARCELONA club’s numbers and attributes its losses to Covid

There is no truce between LaLiga and FC Barcelona. In addition to the response from Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, to Barcelona‘s economic vice-president via Twitter, after the statements made by the Barcelona manager at RAC1, where he pointed out that ” Tebas is co-responsible for Barcelona‘s economic situation”, the Liga was the one that came forward to defend its audit of FC Barcelona’s numbers in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, attributing the club’s current economic situation to the consequences of Covid-19. 

In addition, he points out that unless he obtains “income and capital gains” that balance his situation, he will continue to be subject to the 1/4 or 1/3 rule in the event of the sale of ‘franchise players’. Likewise, the LaLiga statement indicates that the club chaired by Joan Laporta, who also shot Tebas with a bullet, demanding that he refrain from talking about the transfers of Barça so as not to harm the interests of the Barça club can adhere to the agreement with CVC whenever he wants.

This is the full statement from LaLiga

Given the different and incorrect information about the financial situation of FC Barcelona in terms of compliance with LaLiga’s financial control regulations, we at LaLiga want to clarify:

  •  LaLiga has rigorously and effectively applied the Economic Control regulations in the case of FC Barcelona at all times, as with the rest of the associated clubs, having sanctioned, where appropriate, breaches thereof.
  • The worsening of the financial situation of FC Barcelona has occurred in the seasons affected by COVID (2019/2020 and 2020/2021), in which the Club has made a series of decisions that have been submitted, such as in the other clubs, to the application of the Economic Control rules and the consequent impact on their ability to register players.
  • In addition to this direct impact of a severe reduction in income, in 2020/2021 the result has been significantly affected, adding a negative impact estimated at around 500 million euros, including impairments and provisions for future expenses decided by the current board of directors. In the 2021-2022 season, as a consequence of the situation described, FC Barcelona has only had the possibility of contracting players by reducing the cost of its squad in proportion (art. 100 of Economic Control).
  •  FC Barcelona, ​​like any other LaLiga club, would be subject to disciplinary measures if it failed to comply with other LaLiga control measures, such as overdue debts with employees, clubs, and public administrations. In fact, in the past, the Economic Control Committee has applied the disciplinary regime to FC Barcelona, ​​exactly the same as to the rest of the clubs
  • For the 2022-2023 season, the Club will continue with the same situation, with limitations on its contracts, except that, exactly like the rest of the affiliates and as established by the economic control regulations, they obtain income and capital gains that balance the situation described. If the Club were to carry out actions to generate extraordinary income that would allow it to compensate for the accumulated losses and thus abandon the status of a club over its LCPD, it could re-register players in the normal way, regardless of whether those actions correspond to operations with CVC or with any other entity. About the Club’s adherence or not to the LaLiga Impulso agreement, as has already been reiterated on countless occasions, FC Barcelona can join the project when it decides, as has been reiterated on many occasions, under the same conditions as the rest of the clubs that are already part of it and always respecting the approval times required by the bodies of LaLiga and/or CVC Capital.
  •  LaLiga, how could it be otherwise, acts as a guarantor of compliance with the regulations approved by its control bodies on an equal basis with all clubs.
The LaLiga statement on the economic situation of Barça The league





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