• Barça trusts to be able to align the Frenchman in Anoeta, but first they must release salary mass
  • Memphis will go to Juve at zero cost, but his goodbye may not be enough
  • The other possible way out to generate salary ‘fair play’ is that of Aubameyang, whom Chelsea wants

Just two days before the match against Real Sociedad, Barça still cannot register Jules Koundé , although they still hope to have the Frenchman at Anoeta. With the economic levers exhausted , the registration of the center-back depends on the fact that before any exit is produced or that the club agrees to a significant salary reduction with one of the players with the highest chips in the locker room. And for now he has not achieved one thing or the other, although yesterday they were optimistic about it and were convinced that Koundé could be lined up by Xavi if the coach considers it appropriate.

Barça has 48 hours left to unlock the issue and for Koundé to play at Anoeta. The conversations with Piqué or Busquets to reformulate their contracts have not progressed as the club expected, so the solution is to sign an urgent departure. And there are two main candidates on the starting ramp, Memphis Depay , who is one step away from Juventus, and Aubameyang , whom Chelsea intends to sign.

A priori, the departure of Memphis seems more imminent . The player has assumed for days that he will not continue at Barça and Juve insists on signing him. He arrived last year at zero cost after finishing his contract with Olympique de Lyon and will also leave with the freedom letter. Although the initial idea of ​​​​Barça was to charge some amount for his transfer, the good relations with Juve have borne fruit and the Barça club has achieved an economic benefit in the operation, albeit indirect.

Two years ago, Barça and Juve agreed on the exchange between Pjanic and Arthur , which to make up accounts was accounted for as two independent operations. The arrival of the Bosnian at the Camp Nou cost 60 million fixed plus variables. And now Barça has taken advantage of Juve’s interest in Memphis to renegotiate those variables. In exchange for taking the Dutchman at zero cost, the Italians ‘forgive’ Pjanic ‘s variables , so both parties are satisfied with the operation.

Memphis already had its negotiations with Juve quite advanced, so once the two clubs have also agreed on his departure, the announcement of his signing for the Italian team should not be delayed much. It is possible that the departure of Memphis alone will not be enough to register Koundé , although the last word is with La Liga.

In any case there is no time limit and until the very Sunday before the game there is room to receive the ‘ok’ from the League. It could even be the case that Koundé is summoned and travels to San Sebastián without knowing whether or not he will be able to play the match against Real.

The other exit that is being negotiated is that of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang . His case is different from that of Memphis Depay , since Xavi does have him. But in recent days Chelsea’s interest in signing him has appeared and the club does not close the door on him leaving. Although in principle he is a player that is counted on, in fact his image is one of the three that has been put on the facade of the Spotify Camp Nou, the delicate economic situation may force the Gabonese striker to be dispensed with.

For now, it has not yet been possible to register Koundé and then the cases of Marcos Alonso and Foyth and the renewal of Gavi remain to be resolved , so the departure of Aubameyang could facilitate the pending operations. In the club they consider that after the signing of Lewandowski , ‘ Auba ‘ is going to have much less prominence than last year and they emphasize that the Pole is going to play most of the games. There are even those who wonder if it is worth having such a proven striker to play a regular substitute role and they also wonder if AubameyangThe fact of having a few minutes would fit well. In case the Gabonese leaves, Abde could finally stay as the sixth striker.

For now, Chelsea has not been in contact with Barça and the club does not rule out that it is the player himself who arrives with the ‘blue’ offer. He arrived for free in January and would release an important token, a factor that could be decisive for his departure. The next days will be decisive to know if he is still at Barça or not

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