• “I don’t understand. If you tell me I don’t have money, I don’t spend anything anymore,” said the Liverpool coach before the signings of the Barça club

Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, joins the campaign of declarations against FC Barcelona for its ability to invest in the transfer market thanks to the sale of assets (25% of the TV rights of LaLiga and 49% of Barça Studios ) despite its delicate economic situation after the pandemic. In an interview with Kicker magazine, the German coach expressed his disappointment in this regard: “I don’t understand it for different reasons. If you tell me I don’t have money, I don’t spend anything anymore. With my credit card, it happened twice, fortunately, that was a few years ago. I’m seeing This as a football fan, I don’t understand. The only club I know that once sold the stadium and other rights in advance was Borussia DortmundAki Watzke had to come in at the last second and save everything. And I don’t know if there is an Aki Watzke in Barcelona,” argued Klopp.

The statements of the coach of the current runner-up in the Champions League and the Premier League join those that have been directed towards Barça this summer Julian Nagelsmann, Bayern coach, Uli Höness, honorary president of the Munich club, Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea manager,   Gary Neville, Manchester United legend, and Rafael van der Vaart, ex-Real Madrid and Ajax, among others.

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