The newspaper ‘L’Équipe’ ensures that Barça and Atlético would be negotiating so that the purchase option goes from 40 million euros to 25 ‘kilos’

Antoine Griezmann ‘s situation at Atlético Madrid could be resolved soon if we pay attention to the latest information coming from France. The striker has been on loan from Barça to the mattress team since last year, which has a purchase option of 40 million euros that will become mandatory if the Frenchman plays more than 45 minutes in half of the games in which he is available. in his two seasons on loan.

This condition in the transfer contract has caused Griezmann to have seen his playing minutes limited at the start of the campaign and Simeone is only making him play the last half hour of the matches so that Atlético is not forced to pay the 40 million for the striker. “I am a club man,” Simeone said days ago after being asked about the ‘Griezmann case’, making his position in this particular story clear.

Despite not having many minutes, Griezmann is being the protagonist and has already scored three goals at the start of the season. Atlético knows that the footballer wants to continue at Wanda and, according to the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’, he would be negotiating with Barça to lower the purchase option from 40 million to 25 to unravel the issue, allowing Griezmann to play without any restriction type. The aforementioned information ensures that the agreement between clubs would be close, but it remains to be seen what the conditions of this pact are, since Barça had to enter the 40 ‘kilos’ of Griezmann ‘s transfer with a view to planning for next season.

While news about his case is awaited, Antoine Griezmann will be available today (9:00 p.m.) for Simeone in the Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen and we will see how many minutes the Frenchman has played. Will he finally be a starter?

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