• The youth squad is a mirror in the residence, where he stopped living a month ago but keeps his assigned room
  • Educators see him as very mature, more leisurely and that he continues to focus on football
  • He goes to eat, to be with his friends and continues to watch over the little ones

Pablo Paéz Gavira, Gavi , is a benchmark for all the kids at La Masia . Until four days ago he still lived in the Barça residence. In fact, he keeps his assigned room because he started this course as one of the residents, since when the season started he was still 17 years old. He is a resident and player of the first team, a mirror for everyone with whom he shared a house.

Now, already 18 since last August 5, he lives in a house that has been bought in a town near the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper with his father, but maintains the link with the residence. Whenever he can, he goes to eat and greet the rest of the boys, who consider him an older brother. In addition, there he also has his main friends from his generation. Christ , Antonio Martín Reina , Nono , Biel Vicens or Ander , among others.

Club sources explain that the educational team is especially happy with the role that the youth squad has played since he arrived in the first team. Anyone else would have gone to his head more than necessary, but Gavi has successfully tried to keep his feet on the ground, without pretense of greatness, they say from within. Especially this year they see him much more mature, slow and, as always, focused on what he likes the most, football.

He is a boy who has always tried to support the little ones at La Masia because he knows perfectly well what it means to go away from home and from his family to try to fulfill the dream of being a Barça footballer. He has helped them in everything and on some occasion they have even had to stop him for being generous with the boys, so that they would not take advantage of him. He is one of those who does not deny a hug when they go through bad times and has always had good details with the kids. That yes, when he touches, he also marks them if he considers that they brake too much.

At 18, Gavi still does not have a driver’s license, something he has in mind but the schedule is making it difficult for him. And now he has other much more important concerns and priorities: Winning titles with Barça and the World Cup, another great incentive.

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