Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie’s exit does not depend on Bernardo Silva

  • the technicians have given the green light to the sale of the Dutchman, whether or not Bernardo Silva arrives. The big question is whether he goes to United or Chelsea.

The decision is made: Frenkie de Jong is for sale. 
As much as Joan Laporta comes out to say the opposite publicly, the reality is that behind the scenes the club is moving, and a lot, to close the transfer of the Dutch midfielder to the highest bidder. So much so that, as kouragoal has learned, the departure of the Dutch international would take place, regardless of whether or not there is a real possibility of bringing in the City midfielder, the Portuguese Bernardo Silva.

In fact, in the club, there is some pessimism about the chances of signing the crack of Manchester since they are aware that the English entity can get off the hook with an astronomical figure, close to one hundred million euros. However, this condition will not be enough to stop the departure of Frenkie, who within the Blaugrana club is taken for granted. Not only because he is one of the players with the best market that Barcelona has, but also because the first signs suggest that the player will not accept the significant salary reduction that is going to be demanded of him to fit into the ‘fair play. All these conditions, together with the approval of the technicians for a possible exit, leave a very clear panorama for the Dutch international.

Right now, the big question is who will take the cat to the water, if United or Chelsea
. The Blaugrana leaders are more satisfied with the offer from the ‘blues’ since it would open the doors to a possible departure for Marcos Alonso, a player desired by the technical secretariat to compete with Jordi Alba on the left-wing. This same Thursday they were talking about the real options of closing this operation in a summit between Chelsea and Barcelona.

What is clear is that Frankie’s future is very far from Barcelona. At the club, it is seen as a great opportunity to earn money and the coaches do not consider it essential, prioritizing other players and positions. So much so that the technicians would approve the player’s departure, regardless of whether or not Bernardo Silva arrived. And it is that with Sergio Busquets, Pedri, Gavi, Kessié, Nico, Sergi Roberto, and Pablo Torre it is considered that there are plenty of troops and talent to cover all midfield positions with guarantees.





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