• The Barca club has offered to extend his contract for one more season with the possibility of terminating it at the end of this course
  • The player’s agents consider that the proposal will not pass the League’s filter and that new formulas will have to be found despite the difficulty

FC Barcelona and Sergio Busquets have been working since Tuesday morning to find a new formula that allows part of the Barca captain’s salary to be deferred to help free up salary mass and thus be able to register new footballers. The problem is that Busi‘s contract ends in 2023 and there is no margin to postpone his record. The proposal that Barca has made is to extend his contract for one more year to defer his salary to next year, but with the possibility of terminating his contract at the end of this season. A proposal that the player’s agents see as unfeasible because it will not pass the League filter, which does not allow this type of operation.

Therefore, the Barça club must continue looking for a solution that will facilitate the registration of the five new signings in addition to the renewed Sergi Roberto and Ousmane Dembélé. With Gerard Piqué, who has a contract until 2024, it is much easier, although a new contract is being negotiated with the central defender for these two years.

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