•  The Barça captain spoke about next Sunday’s Clasico at the Santiago Bernabéu and acknowledged that the team is on the right track to be able to beat Real Madrid

Sergio Busquets, captain of Barça, spoke to the microphones of ‘Movistar+’ to analyze the Clásico and the culé midfielder hopes that the team can compete better than in the last Super Cup match, in which Real Madrid took the victory in the overtime 3-2.

“Perhaps in the Super Cup we were caught too soon, with players coming out of injury and with Ferran who had just arrived. We didn’t have Auba. I think the team is better, I don’t know if Madrid will be better but I’m sure they’ll be in better spirits because they come from making a great tie and going through it. It will be a very nice match”, said Busquets, who highlighted the impact of the arrival of Xavi Hernández to the culé bench.

“Everything is being different. The self-esteem, the state of mind, the confidence… A new coach arrived and made several changes with his philosophy, which was the one that had given us so many years ago. To the people who were with us for years It has been very good for us and the new ones have gradually understood it. We are a much more complete team, we do many more things well and we are more of a team after all. It is clear that we still have a long way to go, but this is the way”, added the culé captain, who pointed out that the key to improving the team lies in recovering the style of play that made them great in the past.

“He experienced this style as a player and was practicing it as a coach. When he arrived I’m not going to tell you that it was easy, because there were few players who had experienced that style. Lately he was losing it and he wanted to get it back. He had to insist a lot, doing a lot of work on the pitch and in the videos. Little by little the fruits are reaping. When you win and enjoy playing, both in attack and defense, that gives the team a lot to believe in the idea, in the coach and in oneself,” said Busquets, who expects a somewhat more ambitious Madrid in the Classic than on the day of the Super Cup.

“It was a very different tie in terms of the first and the second half. When two great teams play, they are capable of this. They can score a goal from any mistake or play and from there the moods change and they win the game “I expect an ambitious Madrid, in front of their fans, who are going to win the game like us. There is going to be a fight to have the ball and to see who is stronger. In the Super Cup it was already possible to see, although they perhaps they were a little more defensive. In their field they will want to be more offensive, but it will be quite similar”, said Busquets, who added that “it will be a test against the leader, but we must be realistic”.

Praise for Casemiro and Benzema

Busquets was also asked about some of the names of the Real Madrid squad and the culé midfielder had good words for Benzema, who he said is the most decisive player in LaLiga “at the statistical level of goals and also of confidence”, and Casemiro, on the one who assured that “if he is not the best he is among the best” midfielders in the world.

“You just have to see his games, his career or the work he does. It happens to us in this position that is not very showy nor is it what people pay attention to because in the end you look at the goals, dribbles and assists. We have a less showy task, but much more important than being in the middle of the whole team, controlling everything. I admire him. I like all good players. Real Madrid have many, but I wouldn’t keep any of them. I would stay with my teammates who are the ones I am going to compete with and with whom I live. As a football lover, I also value the play of other teams and players,” said Busquets, politically correct.

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