• The Barça captain saw the second yellow card in the 93rd minute against Rayo Vallecano and will miss the next game against Real Sociedad, in Barça’s first trip this season

Barça could not finish the match against Rayo with its 11 players. In the 93rd minute, Sergio Busquets, five minutes before the referee blew the final whistle, had to leave the field when he saw the second yellow card. In minute 74, Busquets saw the first warning after a grab on Trejo. And in discount time, with Barça focused on Dimitrievski ‘s opposite area, the Barça captain received the second yellow card, which led to his expulsion, after unintentionally hitting Falcao in the face.  

Busquets tried to protect the ball with open arms and, by turning his arm, he ended up touching the face of the Colombian striker and referee Hernández did not hesitate to give him the second yellow card and later, the red one. 

With this red, Sergio Busquets will miss the next day, scheduled for next Sunday 21 at 10 p.m. Without the Barça captain, Xavi will have to find an alternative for the pivot. In principle, Pjanic, the substitute yesterday, has many numbers to replace him, unless Xavi bets on De Jong or Kessie

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