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Italian Federation President: We are waiting for the government’s support to compete in the organization of Euro 2032

Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, stressed his need for support from his country's government so that he can submit

What does Messi need to equal Ronaldo in the list of the best international scorers in history?

Argentine star Lionel Messi needs to score 29 goals in the Tango shirt in the coming years, to be equal with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo

Goals of the match Portugal vs Spain 0-1 in Nations League

Spain won a deserved victory at the expense of its counterpart Portugal, 1-0, during the match that was held between them, Tuesday evening, at the "Municipal"

Barcelona wants to resolve the signing of Lewandowski as soon as possible

  • The Barcelona club wants to find a solution before Saturday, the day the team will travel to the United States to start the tour and before the Pole has to appear before his current fans

Almost two months after he said goodbye to the Bayern fans , first in the last Bundesliga game and then in the celebration of the title, and despite making his intentions clear publicly on several occasions – “my cycle at Bayern is over” , has repeated-, Robert Lewandowski will return this Tuesday to the discipline of the German club. With everything agreed with Barcelona, but waiting for the two clubs to agree, the Polish striker has chosen not to tighten the rope even more and will be with his teammates in the Bayern sports city , although with his wish intact leaving the club to play at the  Camp Nou .

Lewandowski and Barcelona go hand in hand. In fact, the Barcelona club wants to find a solution with Bayern this very week, without further delaying the situation. Despite the fact that the Bavarian club rejected the third Barcelona offer weeks ago, which consisted of 40 million fixed, plus five in variables, within the Barça entity they trust that the two parties can already reach an agreement this week, despite to the fact that from Germany they insist that the Bavarian club will not let their crack out for less than 50 million fixed. 

[+] Robert is already back in Munich:

In fact, and so that the situation does not get entrenched, aware that it does not benefit either party, Bayern would also like to solve Lewandowski ‘s future this week, specifically before Saturday, the date on which Bayern has his presentation to his fans at the Allianz Arena . The club does not want to turn the team’s party into a whistle for Lewandowski , so it is up to the task of finding him a way out, either with Barça or with PSG and Chelsea, who also want him. 

Barça has the will of the player

One of the main weapons that Barcelona will use to unravel the situation is that the player remains intact in his desire to play at the Camp Nou next season. Despite the fact that Barcelona is pending to activate the second lever, in the Barcelona club there is optimism that the sale of the other 15% of the TV rights can soon be resolved, which would give the club an income of around 400 million, of which 200, according to Laporta , would go directly to reinforcements, with Lewandowski ‘s name at the top of the list


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