• Barcelona club knows that his signing is complicated, but they have not yet thrown in the towel to incorporate Xavi’s first option for the axis of defense

Barcelona maintains the hope of being able to sign Kounde and has not yet thrown in the towel to be able to incorporate the central defender from Sevilla. They know that the competition from Chelsea has made things very difficult, but they continue to trust the word of the defender, who prefers to play at the Camp Nou. The sports management, aware that Kounde is Xavi‘s number one priority to reinforce the axis of the defense, continues to work to achieve a signing that they have not ruled out from the inside at any time. 

Xavi‘s insistence has been decisive for the sports area not to throw in the towel and try to unblock the arrival of a footballer with whom they have contacted on several occasions throughout the summer and who was waiting for the Barcelona club. 

The key now lies in Kounde staying firm and continuing to wait for Barcelona. In the offices of the Barcelona club, they believe that he will continue to wait and that is why they continue to hold out hope of being able to sign him. The second lever is already activated and announced, although a third or several exits would be missing to be able to register all the players who are signing up. 

They also know at Barcelona that Chelsea and Sevilla are in a hurry to close the transfer and although the closing of the operation has seemed imminent for days, the truth is that Kounde is still a player for the Andalusian club and the ‘imminent’ agreement has still not arrived. The other problem, in a Barcelona key, is Chelsea‘s financial proposal to Kounde, since Barcelona has defined its salary scale and cannot do ‘crazy things’.

For this reason, and only in anticipation that Kounde ends up signing for Chelsea, Barcelona has activated plan B and has contacted Inigo Martinez. Although Xavi‘s priority is still Kounde and he wants him to join as soon as possible.

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