• Before going to court, Barca will seek an agreement with Atletico for the French striker
  • Barca club intends to enter a minimum of 25 million and its objective is to close it before the duel at the Metropolitano on January 7

Barca and Atletico Madrid are condemned to understand each other over Antoine Griezmann and from the Barca club they are willing to take the first step to reach an agreement for the French striker, who is currently in his second season on loan at the mattress team.

Despite the fact that the option of going to court remains in the chamber, before resorting to justice, FC Barcelona wants to rush through all the options to find an amicable solution. After the crossfire of recent weeks, with an exchange of messages through the media and with completely opposite positions – Barca interprets that Atletico must already exercise the purchase option because in the first year of assignment it exceeded 50% of the games played, while the mattress club considers that to become effective it has to exceed that percentage in the overall two years of assignment–since the Barça entity assume that the two parties must iron out rough edges and find a way out of the conflict for a common interest. On the one hand, because Barca does not have Griezmann for next summer – the Frenchman has a contract until 2024 – and wants to recover part of the investment he made for him back in the day. For its part, Atletico, and especially its coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, who was the one who bet heavily on Antoine, needs it to be able to compete this season under normal conditions, without being forced to enter the field after 63 minutes with the intention of preventing him from adding more games and in this way the mattress club is forced to execute the purchase of 40 millions of euros.

For now, there has been no direct contact between the two clubs, but Barca‘s intention is to sit down to negotiate with Atletico to unravel the situation. Despite the fact that the transfer agreement contemplates a purchase option of 40 million if a series of requirements are met, which right now have a different interpretation according to each of the parties, the Barca club would be willing to accept a minimum of 25 million for Griezmann.

In addition, and to prevent this situation from having an impact on the first game in which the two will face each other this season, set for the weekend of January 7 and 8 at the Metropolitano, the Barça club will seek to find an agreement before that date.

Griezmann, with more interest

Regardless of the interests of both clubs, who are in the middle of both is Antoine Griezmann. The French striker, oblivious to the decisions of the clubs, is the first interested in Barca and Atletico Madrid being able to reach an agreement. In the first place, because despite the fact that he understands Atletico’s position of not wanting to risk avoiding paying the 40 million, the striker has Simeone’s confidence and knows that, under normal conditions, he would start in most games. . Griezmann wants to help his team and he wants to do it from the first minute, without being conditioned to take the field in minute 63, as has happened to date, except for the derby on the last day. Also, in just over a month is the World Cup and, obviously, it is better to arrive well shot.

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