Marcos Alonso, 31 años, lateral del Chelsea

After the frustrated signing of Azpilicueta, Marcos Alonso is the priority

  • Barca does not want the Madrid defender to escape, with whom they would complete the competition with Jordi Alba on the left-hand side
  • His agent was already in Barcelona last Wednesday to lay the foundations of the agreement and help in the negotiations with Chelsea, who intends to make a cut with him
  • Aubameyang, untouchable for Xavi

After the frustrating signing of Cesar Azpilicueta, who was Xavi‘s main objective to strengthen his defense, Barca will now prioritize tying another player, but in this case for the left-back. This is Marcos Alonso, 31 years old, the other Chelsea defender who was in the plans of the Barca coach to shore up his rearguard. Unlike Azpilicueta, who both the owner of the ‘blue’ club and his coach had no intention of letting go, Marcos Alonso will be made easier to leave. In fact, Chelsea is about to formalize the signing of Cucurella, who yesterday passed the medical check-up in London. Tied to the former Barca side, Marcos Alonso will have a free pass to sign for the Barça club, after paying a transfer for which both clubs are still negotiating. In fact, the ‘blue’ club hopes to get a slice of the Madrid transfer.

His agent was in Barcelona

Last Wednesday Fali RamadaniMarcos Alonso‘s agent, was already in Barcelona meeting with the Barca representatives at the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí to lay the foundations for the new contract with Barca. Likewise, he will also help the Barca club in the negotiations with Chelsea, who after seeing how Barça raised the signings of Raphinha and Koundé took his particular ‘revenge’ with the renewal of Azpilicueta and will try to get the last penny for Marcos Alonso, despite the fact that the man from Madrid only has one year left on his contract. 

willing to force

Unlike Azpilicueta, who as captain was not willing to rebel against ChelseaMarcos Alonso is clear that if necessary he would resort to the ‘transfer request’, the measure of force by which a player resorts to the Premier body to intervene to facilitate their departure. 


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