AWS outages affect a large portion of the Internet

AWS, Amazon’s Internet infrastructure service – which is the backbone of many websites and applications – faced a multi-hour outage that affected much of the Internet.

A full recovery could take a few hours, according to the company’s latest update, as the problem is largely localized in North America.

In a statement via the AWS Service Dashboard, Amazon said: We continue to work towards resolving the issue affecting the Kinesis Data Streams API in the US-EAST-1 region.

She added: We also continue to see improvement in error rates for the Kinesis Data Streams API and many affected services, but we expect a full recovery to take up to a few hours.

The issue affects the subsystem responsible for processing incoming requests, and the Amazon team has identified the root cause and is working on an issue affecting that subsystem.

Several applications and services talked about how the AWS service outage affected them.

List of those affected include: 1Password, Acorns, Adobe Spark, Anchor, Autodesk, Capital Gazette, Coinbase, DataCamp, Getaround, Glassdoor, Flickr, iRobot, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pocket, RadioLab, Roku, RSS Podcasting, Tampa Bay Times, Vonage, The Washington Post and WNYC.

The New York City Transportation Authority said it was also affected by the outage, resulting in an inability to update a subway line alert. – the platform which specializes in monitoring online service outages – showed an increase in user reports about problems with many Amazon services.

AWS is one of the most used cloud computing services in the world, so any issues can have significant multiplier effects in other web services and applications, as evidenced by the number of companies affected by the service outage.

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