Apple’s upcoming AirPods Studio design leaked

It is possible that the design of the AirPods Studio, which is widely rumored that Apple is planning to launch, may have been leaked in the form of a code discovered in the latest beta version 14.3 of the iOS system.

9to5Mac, this site specializing in Apple news, which was looking at the iOS 14.3 beta that was quickly downloaded after its initial release on Thursday, discovered an abstract drawing of what the design of the headphones would be.

The image shows a symbol much like the previously leaked images of what were said to be high-quality Apple earphones, which offer two earmuffs connected to a headband by metal arms. The leakers of the image had said: The hubs at the ends of the gang allow the earphones to rotate, similar to the designs found in headphones from companies such as: Olufsen, and Bang.

The patent filing, discovered last September, backs up these claims and details the earpiece with unique features, such as: proximity sensors to control operation. Separate reports claim the headphones will include a U1 trend-aware chip.

There were rumors that AirPods Studio would launch in November, but that date was pushed back to March due to production issues. These issues may also exclude some key functions, however it is unclear what features will be removed from the final design.

Apple has indicated that it will soon expand its audio device lineup. And last October, for example, the company removed a set of third-party headphones and smart speakers from the Apple online store and from the physical Apple Store outlets..

Apple sometimes withdraws products that may compete with new and upcoming releases. In 2014, for example, the company stopped selling Fitbit wearables after releasing its smartwatch (Apple Watch).

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