Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen may use infrared technology

It has long been rumored that Apple has been exploring ways to return the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to its iPhones. The current generation of iPhones depends on the face recognition technology that Apple called Face ID, and it has used the same technology in iPad tablets as well, but there is convenience in Touch ID that alternative solutions cannot provide, including Face ID technology itself.

However, with the phones moving to fully covering the interface and frameless screens, many companies decided to move to an alternative solution that is to include fingerprint sensors in the screen, and rumors claim that Apple is exploring the idea as well. In fact, according to a report released by Apple Insider, it has discovered a patent showing that Apple is exploring the use of infrared imaging technology to operate the fingerprint sensor built into the screen.

Most fingerprint sensors rely on optical sensor technology, but in the case of the sensors built into the screen, ultrasound fingerprint sensors are sometimes used to scan the edges of a person’s fingerprints in order to verify their authenticity. We are not sure if Apple’s solution will be better than what is currently available in the market, but we are not surprised that the company is exploring such alternatives.

It’s also unclear when this feature will debut on future iPhones, but it gives us hope that someday, Apple might return the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to its iPhones.

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