Apple releases macOS Big Sur on November 12

Apple said it will launch macOS 11.0, aka Big Sur, on November 12, the first update to be called macOS 11 instead of macOS 10 or Mac OS X.

The company first announced the new operating system at its developer conference in June, and released it as a public beta in August.

This will be the first macOS to support the new Apple M1 laptop chip.

And once you download the new free update, you notice the design and aesthetic changes, many of which are taken from iOS.

And Big Sur comes with a customizable control center, where you can toggle brightness, do not disturb, and other settings of your choice.

It also includes a new Notification Center that keeps all notifications and widgets – also redesigned and available on the App Store – in one column, with the ability to sort alerts by most recent, and group related notifications together.

Other changes include longer menu bars, font color changes based on the desktop background, and more transparent windows.

Some applications, such as Mail and Pictures, also receive design updates, and a new version of Maps for Mac ships with the operating system.

The Maps app update features special guides, 360-degree location views, bike and EV directions that you can send directly to iPhone, and direct updates to expected arrival times, congestion areas, and indoor maps.

In addition to the design changes, Big Sur also includes privacy-focused features, such as the Safari Browser feature called the Privacy Report, which lists cross-site trackers that the browser has blocked for the past 30 days.

There is also a password monitoring tool that helps you upgrade passwords to make them safe if you discover that any of your saved passwords have appeared in a data breach.

The Big Sur app store now also includes the types of data that the apps may collect, and whether the data is shared with third parties for tracking.

Apple also says: The screens of Mac computers will turn on immediately upon opening, similar to how the iPhone lights up when it is carried.

Big Sur is available as a free update for supported Mac users, and replaces the latest major update called macOS Catalina.

Here is the full list of Macs that can run Big Sur:

MacBook Air 2013 and later.
MacBook 2015 and later.
MacBook Pro 2013 and later.
Mac Mini 2014 and later.
iMac 2014 and beyond.
iMac Pro 2017 and later.
Mac Pro 2013 and later.

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