Apple may launch a 10.5-inch iPad in early 2021

According to a new leak, Apple intends to launch a new, updated version of its 10.5-inch iPad tablet computer, to be of the low-spec category.

After Apple launched last September its low-spec computer, the 10.2-inch iPad, and it was reported in the leak that the new computer will provide a 10.5-inch screen with the A13 Bionic processor, and it will be launched early 2021.

The account of the Tron leaks on Twitter stated that the ninth generation of iPad computers with a lighter and thinner structure, however, the overall design will not change much. It is rumored that Apple intends to reuse the form factor of the iPad Air, which was launched in 2019, which is lighter and thinner than the current low-spec iPad tablet, which also offers a 10.5-inch screen.

The account also stated that it will provide 4 GB of random access memory (RAM), and it will come with a Home button with Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and its price will start from $ 299.

According to rumors, the computer will provide internal storage with a capacity of 64 GB.

In another news related to a company, press sources said: The company is investigating that the Taiwanese contracting company, Wistron, has violated Apple’s supplier rules at the iPhone manufacturing facility near Bangalore, southern India.

The company is also pressing ahead with the autonomous vehicle project, as it is working with TSMC to develop self-driving chips, according to a new report from Digitimes.

A few days ago, a press news reported that a senior Apple official told its employees on Thursday that it had begun building its own cellular modem for future devices, in a move that would enable the company to dispense with Qualcomm components.

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