Apple is hiding a “mysterious” new feature in the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12, which Apple recently revealed, has a “mysterious” feature that the company did not address during its launch of the new phone, and it did not talk about it on its website.

And the talk here is about a circle of support for reverse wireless charging, and it was revealed in documents that Apple submitted to the Federal Communications Commission.

And Apple stated in its documents that the reverse wireless charging circuit has the ability to wirelessly charge another accessory, with a card of 360 kHz, but the company did not clarify what this accessory is.

But technology experts say the only accessory currently that can be shipped with iPhones is a potential external accessory that the company will announce in the future.

While experts justify to Apple that it is not necessary to disclose a “potential Apple extension” that may support the feature in the future, the wording of that paragraph in the documents clarifies that Apple has only one device related to this feature.

There is no such important accessory for the iPhone as the AirPods. And Apple is working to launch devices on AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2 next year.

Assuming that these products meet the needs of reverse wireless charging, Apple will likely announce support for reverse wireless charging for the iPhone once the AirPods are ready.

Reverse wireless charging became available two years ago when Huawei unveiled its series of phones. The phone can be used as a wireless battery charger for other devices, including smartphone cases and wireless earphones that support wireless charging.

Then Samsung guaranteed its own tech hardware, and others followed. Google is the latest company to enter this field to launch a phone that can be used as a wireless power bank.

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